From ordinary tea bags, you will be amazed at the great benefits of these tea bags. Along with Messmer.vn review these unexpected uses.
  1. Polish the surface of wooden utensils

Restore shiny furniture or floors with tea bags. Do not believe, use 2 used tea packs with 500ml of warm water, then use a soft towel dipped in mixed water and wipe, you will be extremely surprised with the results there.

  1. Used to make eyeglass cleaner

You wonder when your glasses are often blurred and do not know what solution to use to clean your glasses. Now use the used tea bags, soaked in warm water. Then wait for the solution to cool and pour into a spray bottle and use it up. Both economical and efficient.

  1. Remove the smell of breath

If you are having trouble with the smell of your breath, try the following! Use tea water 2 times, 3 times as mouthwash, you will quickly feel the difference. For added effect, you can use peppermint tea.


  1. Used to clean your feet

After a long day at work, put a few tea bags in a pot of warm water. Next, soak your feet with a tub of warm water, which will both remove the smell of your feet and relax you at the same time.

  1. Get rid of insects

Harmful insects always annoy your life. You will easily solve this problem by placing a few dry tea bags in the cupboard or bowl or in humid, dark corners. You can add a small amount of peppermint oil for more effect.

  1. Used to make Potpourri

You have many different flavors of tea bags and cannot be used up. Take advantage of them to create your own potpourri. With just a few tea bags and a few essential oils you like, this will help you get wonderful scents for your home.

  1. Make up the air purifier

Using dry tea bags with a little essential oils will help you eliminate odors for your refrigerator, kitchen cabinet or even your wardrobe. You will be extremely surprised with their use there.

  1. Use as a flavor in cooking

You may not expect that just boil the prepared tea bags once and you will have a new spice for meat dishes. Besides, you can use those tea bags to put in the rice cooker every time you cook rice, you will be sure to be surprised by the taste of that meal.

  1. Used for eye massage

A few bags of green tea or earl tea are kept in the refrigerator and used as an eye patch when you get tired or sore eyes when you come home from work.

  1. Deodorize your hands after cooking

If you hate the smell of fish, meat, or onions after each cooking, use a few tea bags and rub it on your hands to get rid of these unpleasant odors.


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