There are many of us that often choose coffee to use during times of fatigue, stress or sleepiness. However, excessive consumption of coffee can cause dental problems, or health problems, when the caffeine intake of coffee cannot be absorbed. Therefore, tea has emerged as the first choice, today let's explore with Messmer about 5 teas suitable for use in any office.
  1. Black tea

Starting with black tea, just enough caffeine, mild bitterness and a post-sweat taste have made black tea the top choice of many people in recent times. Black tea is widely known not only for its taste but also for its effects like slowing down the aging process, boosting the immune system, and supporting the digestive process.

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  1. Green tea

Similar to black tea, green tea will help you become more alert, combined with EGCG compounds will help you slow down the aging process if you consume one cup of green tea per day. Besides, the characteristic flavor of green tea will quickly feel relaxed and re-energized during times of fatigue.

  1. White tea

White tea, also known as white tea, is considered as one of the best teas today thanks to its light taste and extremely low caffeine content, suitable for those who cannot use caffeinated beverages. .

Besides the low caffeine content, scientists have proven that white tea is very good for skin and hair, along with its antioxidant effects that make white tea more and more popular.

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  1. Plus C tea

An extremely different tea with the above 3 tea lines is a vitamin C supplement, with the main ingredients being herbs and fruits such as white hibiscus, apple, rosehip, or orange peel, which will help you. both have a delicious drink and can add a large amount of vitamin C for your body.

With tea supplemented with Vitamin C, you can not only use it hot or cold, but you can also prepare it in a very simple way with available ingredients such as lemons, chia seeds, etc.

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