Drinking tea on cold days not only warms your body, but also reduces problems such as colds, or aches and pains. Today, let's explore with Messmer 5 teas that both help you avoid the cold of winter and at the same time relax easily.
  1. Green tea

Green tea is a familiar drink to us Vietnamese. With many healthy ingredients like EGCG, compounds that help you slow down oxidation. At the same time, green tea with a bit of initial bitterness, combined with a mild after-taste, will quickly help you relax. However, green tea contains a small amount of caffeine, so consider using them at night.

  1. Ginger tea

It can be said that ginger is a kind of ingredient that we encounter every day, from refrigerator door shelves to market stalls or on shelves at convenience stores. Thanks to its warming, stress-relieving effects ... many of us often add a few slices of ginger to our drinks. So, let's use ginger tea on cold days will help us feel much more comfortable.

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  1. Chamomile tea

Next up, Chamomile? Chamomile tea on cold days? Really…

Yes, maybe you don't know yet? Using hot chamomile tea not only helps you to quickly warm up the body, besides, chamomile is also a herb that many people believe to use when experiencing insomnia or are under stress in daily work.

So you have one more choice during cold days.

  1. Peppermint tea

Ginger, chamomile is here, now it will be the launch of mint tea. Peppermint is an extremely good herb for colds and cases of flu, asthma and also boosts the immune system. Therefore, on cold days, a cup of mint tea on cold days is a perfect choice for you and your loved ones.

You can add a slice or two of lemon juice to make the tea taste better!

  1. Rooibos tea

A kind of tea that is both strange and familiar for you, South African black tea or Rooibos tea. Rooibos is used in many parts of the world, especially South Africa and Europe. South African black tea has a beautiful effect, slows down the aging process, above all, the completely caffeine-free South African Rooibos black tea will give you one more option after stressful working hours. What is better than having a delicious cup of tea and bringing many good nutrients to your body on a cold day, right?

Above are 5 types of teas Messmer recommend for use on the cold days at the end of the year, let's write down the information above!


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