In the tea culture of Vietnamese people, we often use green tea or fresh teas to enjoy, very few people understand and know about black teas. However, just over the past 5 years, black tea has gradually become more popular, especially those of the 8x-9x generation. Let discover more about this tea!
  1. What is black tea?

From more than 5000 years ago, tea appeared, and until the XVII century, black tea appeared thanks to the trade between China and European countries. Also from here, black tea gradually developed and became a popular drink in the old continent.

Black tea after brewing has a pleasant aroma with a characteristic flavor, besides, the tea is made from the fresh tea leaves and undergoes an oxidation stage to achieve it. After brewing, the tea has a red color.

In black tea there are many healthy compounds, such as caffeine to help you quickly improve concentration at work, EGCG compound is effective in preventing aging and flour support. aids in the oral protection.

  1. Some well-known types of black tea

Although black tea still has the same name wherever it is, depending on soil and climatic conditions in each region, black tea will have different flavors. So what is the most famous black tea?

a. Classic Black Tea

First, let's talk about the most basic black tea: traditional black tea. This is completely processed tea. Traditional black tea has a strong aroma, a slightly bitter and acrid taste, suitable for those who like to drink strong teas.

b. Earl Grey Tea

Earl Gray Tea, also known as Count Tea, is a black tea that is loved by many Britons. According to many information recorded, the Count tea was discovered when Charles Gray - British Prime Minister in the period 1830 - 1834 - was the ambassador to China and added Bergamot essential oil to the tea, making the tea smell luxurious, sedate.

When drinking Earl Gray tea, you will easily feel the aroma of bergamot that is extremely pleasant and attractive. This is a citrus hybrid and originated from the Mediterranean, but if Bergamot was not added to Earl Gray tea, perhaps this orange is not as popular as it is now.

c. Darjeeling Tea

A special black tea originating from Darjeeling District, India - which is 2,000 meters above sea level. It stems from the fact that Dr. Archibald Campbell brought the seeds of the Chinese green tea plant to trial in 1841 with many studies and experiments with different fermentation techniques that make up the present Darjeeling Tea.

Darjeeling Tea has a distinctive floral aroma with a hint of acrid and spicy flavor, bringing with it outstanding flavors of the land that created it. Usually, Darjeeling tea is consumed hot, but now there are some recipes to transform and make Darjeeling tea more delicious.

d. Ceylon Tea

Ceylon tea is also known as black tea Sri Lanka, a country in South Asia. Ceylon tea has the same origin as other black teas, which makes Ceylon tea truly different from other black teas thanks to the mild aroma of the tropical forest and the characteristic fruity aroma of Ceylon tea. This land makes Ceylon tea one of the indispensable brands for tea connoisseurs.

e. Assam Tea

Besides Darjeeling, India has another type of tea, Assam tea. Although grown in the same country and sharing the same tea tree, Assam's tea in Assam is completely different from Darjeeling, which gives Assam tea a completely different flavor.

If Darjeeling tea is grown at an altitude of more than 2000 meters, Assam tea is grown in a much lower area. The soil in Assam is mostly clay and the weather is very pleasant with hot humid summers with moderate rainfall and short winters that make tea a dark brown and high in caffeine that can keep you awake at times. tired or sleepy.

f. English Breakfast Tea

Last on this list is English Breakfast tea and also an English tea. English Breakfast Tea is a blend of 3 teas of Assam, Ceylon & Kenya, and can be added with milk or lemon to enhance tea flavor.


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