Working 8 hours a day in the office easily makes us suffer from a number of conditions such as for overweight, body aches, etc. along with many other problems. Let remember some following notes to improve our health and work!

1. Limit using fast foods

Many of us have a habit of using little snacks such as milk tea, confectionery,... during working hours. Not only that, but many people also do not have breakfast, which is the main reason that leads to you always feeling tired, not focusing on work. Therefore, pay more attention to eating enough for meals during the day, and limit the use of fast foods. Another option for you is fruit or juice, both helping you to reduce your risk of being overweight and problems with bones and joints.

2. Drinking water regularly

Officers only drink about 1 to 2 glasses of water during work and often encounter distraction cases around 3 pm. Not only that, drinking enough water will help you improve your spirits, support digestion and many benefits.

There are many ways you can replenish your body such as drinking 1-2 glasses of water at each work session or you can use juices or use fruits to replenish water.

3. Take deep breaths - the secret to reducing stress

Pressure work, constantly having to sit in an air-conditioned room will sometimes make you feel short of breath, not concentrating. Part of this happens when your body doesn't have enough oxygen and the way you breathe is not really good. Many experts recommend that you should breathe deeply, breathe evenly, then the amount of oxygen in the body will be adequate and help you focus easily on work.

4. Just sit during work hours, shouldn't be

Let your body move a little bit every 1 hour in a variety of ways, such as going to the toilet, getting a drink, or sitting on the spot to do some exercise. If you do these regularly, it will help you avoid some “office” illnesses like back pain, neck pain, etc.

5. Listening to music, drinking tea and lots of ways to boost concentration

Surely many of us often encounter the inability to focus during the work process, some will choose a cup of coffee, some will choose a song to enjoy. Here are some ways to quickly regain focus while you are working:

  • A cup of tea to help you relax and quickly regain focus. In tea, there is not a sufficient amount of caffeine to help you easily regain focus without worrying about problems related to the caffeine content in other drinks. In case you are completely unable to use caffeinated beverages, choose for yourself a cup of fruit tea or herbal tea instead.
  • Listening to the music you love, which has been shown by many studies that listening to music improves your emotions and also maintains focus longer.
  • Going out and breathing is a simple, yet incredibly effective option. Getting up and walking will help blood flow faster than just sitting still, along with that, the amount of oxygen outside will be more and help you quickly regain focus at work.


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