The pressure in work, family and daily life has caused many people to have and are suffering from the symptoms of "STRESS". With nearly 40 million Google searches, it can be seen that stress is a common problem for many people. Let discover more about these issues with!
  1. Stress and the causes of it

To talk about stress, there are many concepts to talk about this subject in many different scientific aspects. In terms of "Psychology" explains, stress is "a feeling of stress and pressure. Low-intensity stress can be a good thing and even have benefits at work and health. Active stress increases athletic performance. It also plays a role in motivating, adapting and reacting to its surroundings. But too much pressure can lead to many problems for the body and that can be extremely harmful.”

In the "biological" aspect, stress is defined as "an organism's response to stress (meaning" raw stress ") as environmental conditions or a stimulus. Stress is one way the body responds to challenges. After a stressful event, the body's way of responding to stress is through activation of the sympathetic nervous system resulting in acute stress response or a hit-or-run response.”

But in any respect, stress is also both positive and negative pressures from each of our lives. These can be grouped into 4 main causes of stress:

  • From the outside: factors such as weather, traffic, noise or pollution build up every day that stress us out.
  • From home and work: the things that happen every day at work and home life all create stress that leads to stress.
  • From your physical: when your body is tired, sick, or inadequate eating will lead to invisible stress and create stress for you.
  • From your own personality: this is also the main cause of stress when you have to deal with pressures from many sides in your life.
  1. The effects of stress

From the above reasons, you can take advantage of and limit many factors to easily create positive stress and avoid negative stress. First, let's talk about the positive stresses if we make good use of the stressors to create good motivations to promote our own development. From positive stresses, you can easily cope with problems in your life, however, when there is a lot of stress and you cannot control it, negative stress will begin. Signs for you to quickly realize that you are having a "big deal" with stress include:

  • Emotions: being upset easily, but sometimes indifferent to things, is the first sign that you have a stress problem.
  • Behavior: from emotional problems and you begin to use more drugs and other problems related to sleep, eating is also a sign of stress.
  • At the end, when negative stresses accumulate for too long, you will easily suffer from neurological, cardiovascular and many other diseases.
  1. Ways to help you relieve stress

It can be seen that when negative takes the throne, stress makes us unable to stay healthy, we cannot guarantee our own work and many other problems. So, let's take note of the following ways to avoid any negative stress:

  • First of all, take reasonable rest and think about your work during resting periods.
  • Do not use a lot of stimulants such as alcohol, beer, or tobacco.
  • Don't forget to arrange a time for yourself, always try to give yourself a break every 6 months to travel or relax with family and relatives.
  • Exercise more and schedule enough sleep at the same time to replenish your energy after hours of work.
  • Instead of using stimulants, you can use tea to enjoy in times of fatigue, both good for the body and relaxing.

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