Used tea bags seem to have no effect and are often thrown in the trash. However, those tea bags have extremely surprising uses for ladies.
  1. Soothes sunburned skin

Everyone loves to be immersed in the sun and in front of it the sun. However, we often experience sunburn problems and cause many troubles. To solve this problem, take advantage of used tea bags, take about 3-4 tea bags mixed with 1l of hot water. Wait for the tea to remain lukewarm, then apply the tea water to the burn. Next, wait until the skin is dry, repeat it again, and let it sit overnight. At this point, the burn does not completely go away, but you will quickly feel much better.

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  1. Treat dark circles

Staying up a lot, working under heavy pressure and falling into sleep deprivation frequently will cause dark circles around your eyes. This inadvertently makes you feel inferior to yourself, at times like that, use used tea bags to quickly resolve the situation.

First, take a packet of tea bags in the refrigerator, then put it on your eyes. The amount of caffeine in tea will help the blood vessels around the eyes narrow and dark circles will be improved.

  1. Treatment of freckles

In recent years, the fast-waning trend has suddenly become more prevalent. However, going back to the previous time, there were many women who used tea bags to solve this problem. Messmer shares some steps as follows: first, take the used tea bag, then mix the tea pulp with honey and apply it on your face. The nutrients in tea and honey will wash away dead cells, remove dark spots, and brighten your skin at the same time.


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