As you know, stress can be beneficial or harmful in some way. However, when stress overcomes and creates negative aspects of yourself at work, you can use these 5 simple ways to relieve stress.
  1. Take a deep breath

Every time you go to gymnastics, you definitely cannot forget the instructions "Take one, two breaths" of the teachers. This is inherently not common advice, according to studies, when doing so, the more air will enter the lungs, and the circulatory system and immune system will work more efficiently. At the same time, breathing will help you feel comfortable and refreshed.

Similarly, when you are in the office, try to breathe evenly to always keep your mind clear and happy. Whenever you are stressed, try to stretch and breathe well, then you will release the pressure around you.

  1. Have a cup of tea

The image of relaxation next to a cup of tea is always familiar to us. Unlike coffee, the amount of caffeine in tea is much less or even some teas, completely caffeine-free. Along with that, the beneficial active ingredients in teas will help you quickly dispel stress and stress.


  1. Walk around office

Whenever you are tired from work, spending a few minutes walking around the office or maybe going to the bathroom, or going sightseeing somewhere a little will reduce stress significantly.

As you probably know, walking about 5 minutes after every 2 hours of work will significantly reduce symptoms such as back pain or neck and neck fatigue, which are common with office workers.

  1. Chat with colleagues

It would be great to take some time to chat with colleagues. Jokes and humor will be a great tool to alleviate the pressure from work, home, etc.


  1. Read or watch some funny contents

And what to do if your coworkers are also busy with their work, spending about 1-2 minutes reading funny jokes, or watching a funny video can help you take a break from the fatigue. tired and energized me.

With these short tips above, Messmer hopes you can find yourself different ways to work better and enjoy life to the fullest. Well, do not forget, Messmer VN is providing more than 20 different tea bags that you can enjoy at any time of the day with any mood.

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